Coffee With Downey City Council

Councilman Rick Rodriguez and Alex Saab with the Downey Police Department.

By Tammye McDuff

Newly seated councilman Rick Rodriquez held his first “Coffee with Your Councilman” at Vazza Café in Downey where residents were encouraged to attend and ask questions or express their concerns about the community.

Some of the major issues such as homelessness and coyote attacks on small pets did not have simple solutions, “However, the DNA of Downey involves the big heart of volunteers,” says Rodriguez,” Recently, I was proud to host a gathering of our service groups, churches and non-profits organizations with in the City of Downey and this is how we can begin find answers to the issues.”

Rodriguez praised the more than 120 residents who came to help organize and effectively manage the problems in the community. “I was excited and encouraged to be reminded what an amazing city we have,” he said.

It was a great turnout, with the Downey Police Department in full force supporting the Downey council.



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