Community leader Rick Rodriguez announced candidacy for Downey City Council District 3.


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Downey Community Leader Rick Rodriguez Announces

Candidacy for Downey City Council District 3



DOWNEY,CA. April 2016Long time community leader Rick Rodriguez has announced that he will run for Downey City Council District 3 seat in this November’s election. Drawing from his many leadership roles in Downey Mr. Rodriguez will bring his energy, dedication and enthusiasm to serve the residents of Downey.

He seeks to be elected to the district that is currently held by Councilman and former Mayor Roger Brossmer who is being termed out. Rick is proud to have Councilman Brossmer’s full endorsement.  Councilman Brossmer adds, “I have complete confidence in his proven leadership ability. He will be a great representative for Downey and I am proud to endorse his candidacy”.


He is also endorsed by Mayor Alex Saab, Mayor Pro Tem Fernando Vasquez, 6 former Mayors, 6 members of the Board of Education for Downey Unified School District and Dr. Mary Stauffer among many other supporters.


Mayor Alex Saab in expressing his support says, “Rick has dedicated himself to our community for many years and his experience and dedication will be a tremendous asset for our city”.


Rick has lived in Downey for over 30 years. He and his wife Lupe are very active with many local service and community organizations. Rick is the current President of G.O.O.D (Gangs out of Downey), Past President of the Downey Chamber of Commerce, Past Chairman of the Emergency Preparation Committee for the City of Downey, a member of the Downey Veterans Memorial Committee and is a member of the Los Amigos Kiwanis. He also proudly serves as Law Enforcement Chaplain with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Lupe is also an active member of the Assistance League of Downey.


Former Downey Mayor Mario A. Guerra comments, “Rick has done an amazing job as President of G.O.O.D and of the Downey Chamber of Commerce. I served with him on our Veterans Memorial Committee and saw first-hand his ability to get things done. I am excited that he has chosen to serve and continue to lead”.


He is a businessman that founded RMI International here in Downey. Today RMI operates in 18 states, and provides for 1000 employees. His hiring practices include giving first priority to veterans.


While Rick and Lupe have reached great heights through their professional lives, it is through their passion to help others that helps define their family. Several years ago they co-founded the Living Tree Foundation, a non-profit that benefits our returning Combat Veterans and their families. Living Tree looks for ways to help our veterans by providing job training, housing, or arranging therapy dogs for those in need of assistance.
Rick is committed to bringing together all Downey residents through greater transparency and confidence in local government.  His campaign will focus on communicating and working towards these important platforms:


Public Safety – Ensure that the public safety of our residents is always our foremost concern and that our city always maintains our own police and fire departments. His experience with law enforcement will be a tremendous asset to our city.


Creating Local Jobs – Given the challenges in our city budget and local economy, Rick will work hard to create policies to stimulate growth and much needed Downey jobs as well as to court and encourage outside companies to relocate to Downey. His business experience and success makes him uniquely qualified to lead this endeavor. Being a business-friendly city is beneficial to our community.


Veteran Issues –  Veterans are struggling to adapt once they return to our community after their voluntary military service. His desire is to bring the true issues of these Veterans to light. We need to continue to recognize our veterans but also assist them with the challenges they face.


Fiscal Responsibility – Our essential public services should not be compromised even during challenging economic time. Rick is committed to being financially responsible and to disbursing city expenditures properly and appropriately. He stresses a keen look at revenues and expenses of the city to ensure that the citizens of Downey maintain or improve their standard of living. As a businessman he knows how to balance a budget and wants to help cut red tape to enhance revenue without increasing taxes.


Transparency Rick will work with city staff and community groups as he has done in the past to make sure our city continues pursuing the values of Character Counts. He will make sure our voices are heard and protected. He wants to constantly increase the voice of all Downey residents and to open the channels of communication between city hall and all residents.


For more information about Rick and his vision for Downey please go to


Rick and Lupe have made Downey their home for almost 30 years. They have 7 children and are very proud of their 9 grandchildren. Rick is founder and CEO of RMI International, one of the largest minority-owned security companies in the United States.


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