MOD Pizza Place Opens at Promenade

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By Tammye McDuff

Another new restaurant has opened their doors at the Downey Promenade, MOD Pizza. There slogan ‘MOD is what I make it’ is certainly a true enough statement for this innovative new way of choosing a pizza.

MOD brought its “build your own pizza” concept to market in 2008 with the opening of its first restaurant in downtown Seattle. The company was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs led by Scott and Ally Svenson, who were inspired by their love of Italian street-style pizza, coupled with their desire for authentic and affordable fast casual dining options and four hungry boys.

There are plenty of sandwich shops, burrito and Chinese food restaurants where a customer can choose what they want, why not a pizza place where you could do the same! At the beginning, MOD was an experiment, which has paid off and the “MOD Squad” took off. All for an incredibly great price, you can choose up to ten items for your pizza and they even offer a gluten free menu.


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