Downey Man Found Dead After Home Invasion, Two Arrested

By Brian Hews


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A Downey man was found dead in his residence following a home-invasion robbery Sunday morning, police said.

Neighbors described the resident as 59-year old a Jim Rudometkin, and a “very nice guy.”

Jim Rudometkin
Jim Rudometkin


Downey has arrested two suspects according to Sgt. Terry Goeckner of the Downey Police Department.

The invasion occurred in the 10300 block of Lesterford Avenue around 11:15 a.m.

One person in the area told ABC7 that she saw three people approach the house and knock on the front door. A man answered, then was forced back inside by the intruders, she said.

A third suspect is believed to be at large, based on witness accounts.

Police described the suspect at large as a male Asian or Pacific Islander  in his early twenties, about 5 foot 8 and 160 pounds. He was wearing a button-down orange or red shirt, blue jeans and black and white tennis shoes, Goeckner said.


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