U. S. Honor Flag on Downey Department Flag Pole, Now Tributing Officer Galvez Until Seven Tonight

Staff Report

The U. S. Honor Flag has been touring the nation honoring fallen American Heroes non-stop.

After honoring Colorado State Trooper Jaimie Jursevics the U. S. Honor Flag under full police escort left for Downey, California.

The flag arrived in Los Angeles County last night.

At 2:00 PM Police Officer Ricky Galvez was given a massive honor.

The United States Honor Flag was raised at the departments outside flag pole. As his family witnessed the impactful ceremonial tribute with most all of the Police Departments sworn staff.

The flag will fly for five hours. One hour for each year of service.

Currently members of numerous law enforcement agencies are standing guard while the United States Honor Flag is flown.

Chris Heisler, Founder of the U. S. Honor Flag arrived at the Police Department escorted by Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies just before 2 PM in the custom transport vehicle, HonorONE.

The flag will be lowered ceremonially at 7:00 PM tonight.

“One Hundred fourteen police officers have been killed so far this year, thirty-four have been shot and killed in the line of duty.

Nearly the same in single vehicle car accidents. Second to Louisanna in gunfire deaths, California ranks highest in the nation in police line of duty deaths.

No one person has attended, spoke or participated in more funerals for police officers and firefighters then myself. It is an exhausting task, but it has to be done.

These men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we have all freedoms and liberties of being safe in America. They will not be forgotten, and the United States Honor Flag will forever carry the honor they died for.” Chris Heisler, Founder, U.S. Honor Flag.


About the U. S. Honor Flag Traveling over seven million miles, the U. S. Honor Flag flew aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis on NASA’s final Shuttle Mission in 2011. This same flag has flown over Ground Zero, State Capitols, the Pentagon, Presidential Libraries, State and National Memorials and many funerals and tributes. It has honored thousands of fallen Police Officers, Firefighters, First Responders and those serving on active combat duty in the military. Becoming to millions a national treasure that honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our communities and country. The United States Honor Flag has become a symbol of honor, rich in history, inspiring a renewed spirit of American patriotism as it has paid tribute to those who have answered the call of duty and gone before us, forever remembered.  Security coordination for the U. S. Honor Flag is comparable to that of a head of state. The flag has six microchips sewn inside the white reinforced border and garment mounts. This allows the flag to maintain authenticity and can be scanned by any hosting agency. This measure is to also maintain strict chain of custody protocols. The U. S. Honor Flag is secured by armed personnel or remains inside a controlled access room/vault at all times. When the U. S. Honor Flag is on public display, extensive security elements are in motion.  Since 2007 the flag has been secured inside a custom ballistic case that can be tracked around the planet and is known as HarwoodONE. The case we re-dedicated in September of 2014 following the line of duty death of Corporal Jason E. Harwood, a 15-year member of the Topeka Police Department and a member of that department’s Honor Guard. In December 2012, the U. S. Honor Flag was brought to Topeka to honor two fallen Topeka police officers and Corporal Harwood was the Honor Guard officer who held the U. S. Honor Flag during the memorial service. Two years later, Corporal Harwood was gunned down during a traffic stop. U.S. Honor Flag Founder Chris Heisler announced at Corporal Harwood’s funeral that the custom case housing the the U. S. Honor Flag would be renamed to “HarwoodONE”, in Corporal Harwood’s honor. Corporal Harwood is the only person to have held the U. S. Honor Flag, and later be honored by it.  If the U. S. Honor Flag is traveling by ground. it does so with special police escorts. A vehicle specially modified with a 125 lb safe secures the flag as it travels. Ground movement is highly choreographed by numerous agencies.  Each time the flag is moved or held it is done so with unused new custom white gloves, designed specifically for the U. S. Honor Flag. These gloves have the letters “USHF” embroidered on them in police blue. After use, these gloves are given to the family of the fallen Hero being honored. Custom gloves, embroidered in white, are also made available to be worn by the fallen Hero.   ABOUT THE HONOR NETWORK The Honor Network, a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, is dedicated to honoring and memorializing those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for their family, community and country. The Honor Network also strives to foster the education of the American public regarding those heroes, today’s heroes and their organizations including police, fire, and our nation’s military. The Honor Network was founded on the conviction that every person, who is committed in service to our communities and country, deserves the respect and support of every American and in so doing inspires an increase in American patriotism vital to keeping our great nation united. See www.USHonorFlag.org.  For more information on the United States Honor Flag, visit www.USHonorFlag.org. For contact information for The Honor Network, please send request to News@USHonorFlag.org 


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