Two Downey Men Invent Products Out Of Love And Necessity

Marc Shelton & Chris
Marc Shelton & Chris Holigores

Chris Holigores & Marc Shelton are two Downey residents, and two very busy and clever guys. Many of you may know Marc from seeing him at his father’s restaurant, Hackers Bar & Grill at the Rio Hondo Golf Course. Mark is also opening his own restaurant in the up and coming Downtown Downey area. The “Lock & Key Social Drinkery.” The restaurant and bar will be located on Downey Ave. between 2nd & 3rd streets. The space is being renovated now and an opening is planned for late July/early August. But that is not the reason I am writing about Chris and Marc. The two long time Downey residents have come up with something that just may be the new “must have” item for all of us.

Marc and his gorgeous daughter
Marc and his daughter Peyton

The “Q” Quick Wallet was an idea born out a need. Marc’s daughter Peyton was born with DDH, also known as developmental dysplasia of the hip. This problem was discovered the first day she was born, in late 2011. Soon after they met with doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, then finally they thought they received a solution. She had to spend months in a harness, but soon developed femoral nerve paulsy which made them pull back from any kind of treatment. Surgery came a couple months later, which didn’t work out the way they expected. After more waiting and another surgery, Peyton went through 3 cast changes. They had to do everything with the cast now in their lives, changing diapers, naps, driving to appointments, cleaning the house, etc. Marc said, “There was not a time when the cast did not affect all of our lives. This quickly humbled us and led us to look at daily tasks in a whole new light.” One day Marc had gone to Home Depot to pick up some material for a chair that he had designed for her. When he got up to the cashier he pulled out his bulky wallet with her in his arms. With no other choice, he handed his wallet to the cashier and asked if she could take out his credit card and run it for him. He jokingly said, “Someone should make a one hand wallet.”


That was the seed for the Quick Wallet. Marc and Chris have been life long friends, at each others side since early elementary school. The friends always had in interest in inventions that fulfill needs. Marc went to work with his father at Hackers at an early age and graduated from Long Beach State with a B.S. Degree in Marketing. Chris’ is in charge of “New Business Development for the Composites and Fabrication Group.” Quite the title. Obviously two very clever guys. “Chris said, “Marc and I have always looked at things and thought that they could be made better.” That was something that the two friends would often joke about, and they would toss around ideas to improve on things. Chris continued, “Marc’s need for a wallet that could be used with one hand just seemed like a brilliant idea.”


Marc and Chris formed the HolTon Design Group and went to work on coming up with a one handed wallet. Many different designs went into the final product. Things added to a wallet design and things removed. “Ultimately we decided to keep it simple, and that is exactly what the Q is.” Chris said. The Quick Wallet at first glance is a metal block wrapped with a band. But it is so much more then that, and here is where the innovation comes into play. The webbing of the wallet’s design is a specific military grade inspired webbing, which is made to withstand the elements and tensions while still staying soft to the touch.

The magic of the wallet is in the spine of the Q, which is made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and protects your credit cards aginst RFID invasion. RFID is used in key cards, ID cards, credit cards, debit cards, and even passports. Some of you may not even know if the cards you use every day have RFID built in. These cards have the ability to transmit the information on your card wirelessly. Because of this, privacy has been a big issue with RFID. Crooks have the ability to steal your data without your knowledge or consent.  This can be done if your cards are in a wallet, backpack, or purse. Wireless pick-pocketing is something everyone should be aware of. The Q has the ability to protect your cards and information. Something that is unfortunately becoming a necessity these days. I have been using the Q Wallet for the last three weeks and I don’t think I could go back to a traditional wallet.

Press Play to watch a demo of the Quick Wallet

Marc and Chris are in the process of launching a campaign to raise funds to take their invention to the next level. To become involved and help these hard working Downey residents, check out their “Kickstarter” page by CLICKING HERE. Please take a few minutes to check it out. It is a chance to help them bring the wallet to the public and be a part of its success. It is really great to see such wonderful things like this come out of Downey. The Quick Wallet’s finishing process is also being done by a Downey Company. The HolTon Design Group already have a few other ideas and inventions in the works. Marc said,”We have a couple of other designs that have already been prototyped, and should be out after the launch of the Quick Wallet.” The guys plan to release a new product every six months. When the Quick Wallet is available, the Downey Beat will let you know!





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