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Seems to be part of the same game plan… Our fire union petition will cost the residents of Downey well over $100,000. I’m confident our residents will know better. Disbanding our Police and Fire Departments would be bad news for Downey citizens. Yes folks, the petition the Downey Fire Union mislead people into signing also impacts our Police Department. It would allow County Sheriffs to replace our Downey PD. All they have to do is to try to buy a few more councilmen like they tried during our last election. Pretty scary stuff for Downey.

Monterey Park is having similar issues. Click the link below for the full article.



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  1. Bill

    Mr Guerra, once again STOP exaggerating the truth. You are including PD to scare the citizens into thinking they will also lose their precious police if this measure passes. NOT TRUE! The way I understand it , this amendment to the character will actually correct it and make it legal and yes, it will give the power to the council to vote for county services. Yes Mr. Guerra we all know your typical response will be ” taking the vote away from the citizens!” We’ll Mario, did the citizens vote to close down Engine 61? NO! What other issues have the citizens not been able to vote on? How dare you mention the fire unions petition will cost over $100,000, when YOU and other council members voted on a study to be conducted to see if the “user utility tax” will even have a chance to pass. This will cost the taxpayers over $150,000!!! Mr Guerra stop your scare tactics, learn how a fire department really operates and open your eyes!

  2. Editor

    Bill, No Sir, they were not deleted. And to be very clear on a point, Mario Guerra does not have editorial control of the Downey Beat. That is solely my responsibility. I do reserve the right to delete any comments that I find offensive, rude or inflammatory. Your comments are none of those, simply your opinion. Which of course you are entitled to. Thank you for reading the Downey Beat. I appreciate it.

  3. Dom Cortes

    Thank you BIll for your insight. Cities that have gone to L.A. County Fire in the past from their own fire department have never lost their own police department to L.A. county sheriffs. In fact many times cities are able to put more money and resources into their police departments and strengthen them by saving millions of dollars by contracting fire services from L.A. County. Mayor Guerra, please stop bad-mouthing our fire fighters. I have heard you call them liars and claim they are misleading the public. You asked the D.A. to investigate them for misleading the public. Obviously the D.A. found no wrong doing on their behalf. Let us, the citizens decide through the election if we would rather save millions of dollars by contracting fire services or pay millions of dollars through your proposed utility tax.

    • Dn Mario A. Guerra

      Dom, I’m sorry that our citizens were lied or mislead by this petition. They have, by the fire union leadership that continues to not care how our citizens are treated..I have not put down our fire department. We have an awesome fire dept. But we have a lot of people misleading our residents on the union leadership though. And we both know that you are one of these union leaders or part of the team. We both know that this is an issue that our residents are passionate about. And I will continue to have the best fire services we can. And I’m happy to say that it is with our fine Downey Fire Department…Ironic that there is NO evidence to say we will save any money let alone millions as you state.

      That is just not true. And again, this petition takes AWAY the right of citizens to actually vote. The actual name of the petition actually says that. It says it would allow the city to contract out police AND fire services without voter approval. So whose is deceiving the voters ? And btw, I didn’t report voter fraud. Citizens did. And to say the DA is not doing anything is just not accurate either.

    • John Zander

      Dom, just to be clear on a point please, the Downey residents complained repeatedly about being lied to by the petitioners. We all know that they lied to residents repeatedly. Residents also sent those complaints to the City Clerk, who then gathered those complaints and sent them off to the DA on behalf of the residents. Lying to get a petition signed is a very serious issue, and no matter the reason for the petition, must be reported and investigated. The cause was quite just.

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