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This is a new section of the Downey Beat. We will be doing profiles of local businesses within the city. The idea is to get to know the businesses, their owners and employees. Maybe there is a business in town that you were not aware of? Maybe you have seen a certain business but were not aware of exactly what they do? Many of the businesses in town have been here for many, many years. Businesses of all types. Lets get to know who they are. If you have a business that you would like to see profiled, email me at

Russell's Bike Shop8027 Firestone Blvd.  Downey, CA
Russell’s Bike Shop
8027 Firestone Blvd. Downey, CA

Russell’s Bicycle Shop

Russell’s Bike Shop has been in Downey and in the same location since 1944. Russell’s offers many different types and brands of bicycles, and for all ages. From the tiniest two wheelers to the large trikes, that a senior citizen may be more comfortable with. “We tend to stay away from the ‘big box mart’ cheap bicycles. We have just ‘bike shop quality’ bikes” store manager Jon Giles said. The styles at Russell’s run from Road Race Bikes, Comfort Bikes, Comfort Commuter Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Beach Cruisers, BMX Bikes for the kids, or for the adults who want to be kids. They also carry all types of parts as well as various safety gear. Jon said, “If we don’t have it here, I can get it for you.”

Jon 1
Jon Giles, Russell’s Store Manager

A large part of the Russell’s shop is their service department. They service their own bikes as well as any bike that comes through the door. Jon says, “I have even helped people with their golf carts that have cable brakes and people with walkers with their brakes.” A couple of weeks ago, Jon helped a customer who had a cable release on a trash drawer in his kitchen. So needless to say that bike repair is second nature for these guys. With a wide range of accessories, if a customer wants more then what the bike comes with, they can “Bolt on” customize as Jon puts it. They do not do any fabrication customizing, but can do add-ons, on the spot.

A large selection at Russell's Bike Shop.
A large selection at Russell’s Bike Shop.

The shop also runs the occasional special on their Facebook page,

Another happy Russell’s customer

Another really nice reason to buy from Russell’s is, any bicycle purchased from them, comes with a free service on that bike for as long as you own the bike. The service includes minor adjustments and preventative maintenance. Normally a tune up on a bike can run $45, but on a bike purchased at Russell’s the cost is only $5 which is for the additional chemical and lube. “The labor is free on those services, for as long as you need it. If you ride the heck out of it, bring it in often” Jon said.

Many bike accessories at Russell's
Many bike accessories at Russell’s

Russell’s is owned by Jeff Finn, who also owns Bellflower Bicycles.

Russell's repair shop
Russell’s repair shop

Russell’s Bikes
8027 Firestone Blvd
Downey, CA 90241
(562) 862-4837


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