Council chooses ‘Inspiration’ as name for space shuttle mock-up

DOWNEY – After a short debate, the City Council on Tuesday decided to name the city’s space shuttle mock-up ‘Inspiration.’

The name was the favorite of Mayor Roger Brossmer, the councilman who spends the most time working on the programing at the Columbia Memorial Space Center and who has been the council’s driving force on issues related to the city’s aerospace history.

“Not only did it inspire all the shuttles to follow,  but I really think it captures what we’re trying to accomplish,” Brossmer said.

Councilmen Mario Guerra and David Gaffin were initially in favor of ‘Genesis,’ which was among the three finalists chosen from 150 entries. The other finalist was ‘Legacy.’

Councilman Luis Marquez was also in favor of ‘Inspiration.’

With the vote 2-2, it came time for Councilman Fernando Vasquez to make his decision.

He jokingly said he was abstaining before he voted in favor of ‘Inspiration.’

When the City Clerk called for the official vote, all five men were in favor of ‘Inspiration.’

Brossmer said the name alluded to history while also reminding the public that the Space Center and the mock-up are being preserved to inspire the next generation of scientists.

The mock-up was built in Downey in the 1970s to help NASA’s scientists design the five shuttles that eventually flew into space.

The city is storing the mostly wooden craft in a tent until the city is able to build a permanent home for the shuttle south of the Space Center.

City officials hope to eventually refurbish the aging craft and to let tourists go inside as part of an interactive exhibit.


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