I apologize for not getting anything today on Alvina Jimenez

My sincerest apologies for not getting you all an update on the killing of Alvina Jimenez. I know from looking at the statistics on google analytics that many of you are interested in her case. My boys were sick today, and I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. I’ll do my best to stop by Downey Court tomorrow and get an update.

For those of you not familiar with the case, here’s a story from Dec. 2, 2011. Please don’t confuse it with a new story.

DOWNEY – For the third time, a man accused of stabbing and beating to death a South Gate woman has had his arraignment postponed.

Gary Anthony Chavez’s arraignment is now scheduled for Jan. 12 at Downey Superior Court in Department 7, according to court records.

Chavez is accused of killing 31-year-old Alvina Jimenez of South Gate. He is being held without bail.

Police found Jimenez’s body in an apartment on the 8200 block of Telegraph Road on Sept. 3 after being called by someone to check on her, according to police records.

Police say Chavez killed Jimenez and then fled to El Paso before he turned himself in at a police station there, allegedly confessing to the killing.

Downey Police detectives interviewed Chavez within a few days of finding the body and charged him with the killing.

Chavez was extradited from Texas to California on Sept. 20, according to sheriff’s records.

Police so far have given few details on the nature of the death, but a coroner’s examination found that Jimenez died of blunt and sharp force trauma. The coroner ruled the cause of death as homicide.

An arraignment is a hearing when a defendant hears a formal reading of charges and is allowed to enter a plea. It is one of the first steps in a criminal case and usually involves setting a date for a preliminary hearing, which is when the prosecution presents evidence to show the judge their case is worthy of going to trial.


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