Foot massage parlor looking to open in strip mall on Telegraph Road

DOWNEY – A foot-massage parlor has applied to open in a Downey strip mall.

Rosemead resident Fan Qiao has applied to open an 11-seat spa at 9448 Telegraph Road near Passons Boulevard.

The application is to go before the Planning Commission on Wednesday.

In general, the customers will get a foot soaking and a foot rub, according to the permit.

But the city has worries about parlor, saying that other massage places have given cities trouble in the past.

The permit states that the staff can’t massage the leg above the calf. And shoulder rubs are allowed as long as clothes are kept on.

The parlor is to have an open floor plan with no private rooms, according to the permit.

The San Gabriel Valley has dozens of foot-massage parlors, and reviews on websites say that the massage usually does not stop at the calf.

One reviewer wrote:

While it was advertised as a foot massage, my friend and I both pretty much got full body massages.  It’s gross if you think about it though–they’ve been touching your feet for almost an hour and then move up and do your back, neck, and face.  I was also a little worried, as I saw some masseuses ask other male patrons to remove their shirts so they could do their back.  I’m very modest and didn’t want to be shirtless in a room full of strangers, but luckily, my masseuse just lifted my shirt and didn’t ask me to take it off.

Downey has one other foot massage parlour, Happy Foot Spa on Lakewood Boulevard north of Florence Avenue.

Reviewers said they liked the service, but the also said that Happy Foot offers full-body massages.




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