The first week passed by in a flash

Back when I started in journalism in 200o, people had just started talking about the “new media landscape.” Rich newspaper barons spoke of the unlimited potential of the Internet. Now almost all those companies were undone by the Internet and the Great Recession and have filed for bankruptcy protection. Most of them have become carrion for  a “vulture fund” controlled by a shadowy billionaire investor. Here’s a great story about it. Although my former employers put out very good local newspapers and weren’t carrion at all, our little division’s fate was tied to that of our larger corporation, which is now controlled by the investor.

I have nothing against shadowy billionaire investors, but after weathering a furlough/no vacation time/no more 401(k)/pay cut/furlough combo dished out by my old company, I decided to go my own way. I worked construction for a while and hatched my plan.

Then I hatched my website, which turned one week old today.

I’m trying to produce content, manage the website, do all the tax/business stuff, be a good dad to my foster kids and good husband to my wife. It’s been a lot of nights of trying to sleep while a million ideas ricocheted around in my skull. But there is some momentum. I have made a few bucks– literally a few– on google adsense, and I’m encouraged by the numbers so far, which are far higher than I expected.

So thanks to all you readers. Please write me whenever you want. It’s fun to get feed back.


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