Just weeks after Downey’s marijuana dispensary ban, a court sides in favor of prohibition laws

A Superior Court has sided with Anaheim regarding the city’s ban of marijuana dispensaries.

Downey on  Aug. 9 enacted a similar ban after a second reading of its anti-marijuana clinic ordinance.

While some cities, such as Whittier, South El Monte and Los Angeles, have crafted laws that regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, other cities have outlawed the shops altogether.

While some city attorneys feared a ban would end up forcing cities to defend their laws in court, others have argued that the state law, while allowing medical marijuana use, does not force cities to allow clinics.

Americans For Safe Access and other medical-marijuana advocacy groups have said the law mandates cities to allow prescription users to safely buy cannabis products.

Others argue that the dispensaries have led to a proliferation of illegal grow houses and an increase of the drug on the street.

A murder in Glendora was carried out over the sale of marijuana obtained by a patient with a legal prescription. And firefighters in the San Gabriel Valley have responded to several dangerous fire scenes where organized crime syndicates grew wall-to-wall marijuana farms inside abandoned homes.



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