A businessman confronts the likelihood his business is dying

I like books, but I never find the time to read them. To make up the difference, I always find myself asking people what they’re reading. Gives me  some verbal CliffsNotes.  At the Spartan Burger on Hadley Street in Whittier on Friday, things were slow. The man behind the counter said he was reading a book by famed Southern California evangelist and pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel.

The man, Jaime, said he was about to close up shop. He was getting killed by the fast-food wars. How was he supposed to compete with 88-cent Whoppers? Jaime attended Calvary Chapel in Downey. He was relying on his faith to get him through the hard time, he said. What did he do besides run a burger stand? “Nothing,” he answered. He told me he should have got out of the business four years ago.

He didn’t seem too worried, though, just sad that the burger place would probably not survive.

“I think God is closing this chapter in my life,” he said.


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